Bonobo intelligence

People have different levels of intelligence. There is a big difference between people and their IQs. Some animals are very stupid and have little ability to think, while others are very intelligent. Chimpanzees are the smartest animals in the world, and they have better memories than humans.

The world's smartest animal gorilla

When it comes to the smartest and most intelligent animal in the world, it is undoubtedly the gorilla. Gorillas belong to the primate group and are undoubtedly a close relative of humans.
Gorillas are the largest of all extant primates. They are as tall as humans, up to about 1.8 meters, but their knees are not really straight and extended.
Gorillas are more intelligent, and the smartest gorillas are Bonobo. According to genetic sequencing, bonobo were the last to separate from humans, from whom they separated about 6 million years ago. Therefore, the Bonobo genome is most similar to that of humans, with a 99% similarity.

How smart are Bonobo

According to research, the intelligence level of the average Bonobo is equivalent to that of a child of about 4 years old, with basic memory, learning, and imitation skills, while the intelligence of the best Bonobo can reach the level of about 10 years old in humans
This means that some intelligent Bonobo not only have the ability to remember and learn but also have the ability to distinguish and calculate, which is really amazing.
Experiments have proven that Bonobo can remember numbers and figure out the same serial numbers in a short period of time. Their superb memory and resolution are amazing.

Bonobo have a strong intuitive memory

In 2007, a team of researchers at the Institute of Primate Research at Kyoto University in Japan published an article that drew worldwide attention at the time
According to the article, the researchers trained a 7-year-old Bonobo and two 5-year-old Bonobo with numbers and then had them compete with college students to examine their instantaneous memory.

The results of the competition were very surprising. In both stages of the competition, the bonobo finished faster than the college students, and the accuracy rate was much higher.
In this regard, the researchers believe that human memory has slowly lost the less commonly used ability of “intuitive memory” over the development of human society, aided by the recording of a language.

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