Technology and Humanity,The future has arrived

The greatest progress since the birth of mankind, from barbarism to civilization. Since then, human civilization and science and technology have developed slowly. It was not until the last century that science and technology advanced by leaps and bounds.
In fact, human development in science and technology has been very slow, from the time our ancestors began to light fires and gradually move towards civilization, a time when humans slowly learned to use fire, learned to use fire, and we stepped on the pinnacle of the earth’s species. The application of fire can be said to be the beginning of human civilization, and from fire began the great strides towards civilization, and slowly followed by agricultural civilization.
In the 5000 years of agricultural civilization, science and technology almost stagnated, because human civilization entered a hierarchical stage, people did not have time for scientific and technological development, put all their energy on the top of the grabbing of territory, war continued. Yes, war is a stumbling block in the development of civilization, and even set it back.
However, with the advent of the industrial age, people saw hope. Machines liberated productivity. Since then, science and technology have become the means to enrich the people and strengthen the country. The development of science and technology can satisfy all the needs of a person. That is why the whole world regards science and technology as the hope of the future. When people’s wisdom comes together, the power generated is unlimited, so we see the constant renewal of technology and our increasing dependence on it.
With the gradual development of science and technology, information technology and artificial intelligence have gradually replaced the human labor force, and genetic engineering is constantly spying on life.

The world we live in, science and technology is constantly developing and growing, science and technology brings people good, is at this time, although science and technology has brought people convenience, but also brought people disaster, human beings in the enjoyment of the achievements of science and technology at the same time also correspondingly bear its counterproductive. Humans in its dazzling light shine, quiet down for reflection, the value of science carefully reviewed, this should be the inevitable choice of mankind. We do have to be careful with science and technology, perhaps science and technology will be anti-human to some extent, and mankind must always win in wisdom, or else if we are not careful, mankind may have to destroy itself in science and technology!

Many people sigh that the progress of human civilization in 5000 years is surprisingly not as great as the progress made in the past 100 years, is it reasonable to say so? Why is this so? Does the acceleration of things hasten their demise?

If we look back in history, we can see clearly that human society has developed at an exponential rate.

It took our ancestors nearly 5 million years to go from eating hair and drinking blood to learning to use fire.

It took more than 70,000 years to learn language and domesticate plants and animals.

from agricultural to industrial societies took 5,000 years.

from mechanical production to an electric society in just a couple of hundred years.

From electrification to informatization but in only 30 years ……

Today, even if we only travel to 10 years later, it is estimated that we can not adapt to the life at that time, more difficult to find a job to earn a living.

If you use the “law of conservation of energy” to explain how to do, we will talk later. Let’s talk about the negative impact of science and technology on human society.

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